Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Erik Blanchard


With over 27 years of experience in the IT sector, Erik Blanchard has been a transformative leader and a key asset to organizations navigating the ever-evolving technological landscape. He currently serves as an IT Infrastructure Manager at Syntellis, where his hands-on leadership has been instrumental in optimizing workload distribution among team members. During his tenure, he delved deep into the ticket queue for the initial months to gain insights into operational demands, enabling his team to take greater ownership of their roles. As a result, the day-to-day workload has become more manageable, allowing for a focus on strategic initiatives.

Prior to Syntellis, Erik spent 15+ years in managed IT services for small to medium-sized businesses, acting as a consultant and manager. He has a proven track record of increasing operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and implementing robust security protocols. In his most recent performance review, he was particularly lauded for his ability to establish strong personal connections with each of his team members, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration.

Erik is also furthering his education part-time, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and adaptation in a fast-paced industry. Parallelly, he is engaged with a Swiss AI startup in the agricultural sector, exemplifying his versatility and keen interest in technological applications across different domains.

In search of Senior IT Management or Director-level positions, Erik brings a wealth of expertise not just in IT operations and management, but also a polytechnical background in agriculture, science fiction, and large language models. With his unique blend of managerial acumen and deep technical knowledge, Erik is a strong candidate for any organization looking to fortify its IT infrastructure and drive innovation.

What are you up to…?

Currently, I’m engrossed in several exciting ventures that go beyond my core responsibilities in IT management. One area that particularly piques my interest is Artificial Intelligence, especially Large Language Models. Given my neurodivergent traits, I have always been captivated by technology and systems thinking, which makes this field a perfect fit for me.

I’m actively collaborating with a Swiss AI startup (Discord server) in the agricultural sector. We are developing innovative solutions that leverage machine learning algorithms to optimize crop yields and sustainable farming practices. This work allows me to apply my broad technical expertise in a new and meaningful way, and it’s a testament to the transformative power of AI across various sectors.

In addition, I’ve been closely following the work of David Shapiro, who is on the cutting edge of creating the world’s first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) embodied in a robot chassis. The prospects of AGI fascinate me, as they promise a leap from specialized problem-solving to a form of intelligence that can understand, learn, and apply knowledge in different domains. I see this as a monumental step forward in technology, one that could redefine the way we understand intelligence and decision-making.

These pursuits allow me to blend my extensive experience in technology management with my insatiable curiosity for innovation, making each day an exciting journey of discovery and application.

Why Portland…?

I’m a native Oregonian and I’ve lived in the Portland Metro area since High School. I have two (very) young children and I love the accessibility to nature and parks, I’m always taking the kids around on little adventures.

Favorite Pizza? Ken’s Artisan Bakery, followed by Apizza Scholls. Favorite Smash burger? Probably my own, but there are a lot of great carts out there.

The Disc Golf scene in Portland is incredible and I’ve been playing for about 15 years. I can chuck a disc about 350-400′ on a good day. Also enjoy sharing the sport with new players.


The best way to contact me is on LinkedIn.

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