AI enabled portfolio management: Flex Axion

Speaking of AI, I just got introduced to someone at Flex Axion, a Battleground, WA, based startup that uses AI to help simplify financial services and asset management.

Experience precision in data and reporting, centralized monitoring, integrated mathematical optimization, automation, flexible implementation, real time computing, and effortless scalability. Our software accommodates all asset classes and portfolio types of any size including equities, fixed income, loan portfolios, exotic or hedged portfolios, and is adaptable to any custodial or treasury requirements.

Excited to see more AI activity in the Portland startup community. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

For more information, visit Flex Axion.

[Hat tip Ned Hayes]

  1. […] Flex Axion, out of I think battleground Washington. So another company across the river that is using AI for asset management, and financial kind of stuff. So don’t know a ton about them, but just came across them. They were recommended to me. So I wanted to highlight them, it’d be interesting to see, I’m excited about the the cool kids playing with the AI. […]

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