4K4Community raises $12,500 4 err… for POIC + Rosemary Anderson High School

Image courtesy RFY Productions

It’s nice to have 4K4Community — formerly known as 4K4Charity — back in business. The business of raising money for nonprofits and community efforts. The reboot of the event, held on October 10, 2023, managed to hit 5 figures, raising $12,500 for POIC + Rosemary Anderson High School.

“It was inspiring to see community members, sponsors, and nonprofits unite to make the first 4K4Community a success,” said Eli Blackman, CEO of Field Day. “This is a city made up of people that make things happen when given opportunities and mechanisms to do so. At Field Day, we’re determined to keep up the momentum by offering more ways to come together for the community.”

For more, see the Field Day write up on the event. To be reminded of future events, follow 4K4Community on Instagram.