Portland startup news for the week ending November 17, 2023

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Rick Turoczy
Do you hear that? Yeah, yeah, you don’t hear much. These days, it’s starting to get to be that quiet time of year. So let’s get into this week’s stories in the Portland startup community, we have an acquisition, we have a request for an annual list of startups that I would love to see your your startup on. We also have, you know, some awards from the Oregon entrepreneurs network. OEN, as the cool kids call it all the Portland startup news you want in under 10 minutes. Okay. Let’s get into it. So the big news this week was ride report ride report is being acquired. If you’re not familiar with ride report, they’ve really focused on the micro mobility and biking World ride report is tracking the data to help municipalities better understand how micro mobility is affecting their planning, their city design, all that kind of stuff, who’s using scooters who’s using bikes? How are they getting around? How many people are doing this kind of stuff. That’s what ride report does. So they’re being acquired by a company called INRIX that is going to take that data and add it to other data that they’ve been tracking to create a more robust, can I say robust on the show set of data. So congrats to the ride report, folks. They’re very early in Micromobility, and really had this vision and so it’s it’s always nice to see other folks recognizing the value of the companies being built here in Portland next week’s story, our friend Malia Spencer, Emelia, if you’re watching at the Portland Business Journal is you know, it’s the end of the year, it’s time to compile these lists of things that happened in 2023, or lists of things we should be looking out for in 2024, which is getting awfully close at this point in time, she has kind of sent out a call that says, hey, I’m compiling my list of startups to watch in 2024. And, and she’s like, I have my favorites. But we’d love to hear from you. So if you’ve got some favorite startups that you’ve been tracking that you think Malia should know about, or if you think only you should know about your startup and believe that it is one to watch in 2024, please get a hold of her. Let her know Hello, Portland startup community. I’m so and so people still submitting. I’m just I’m just kind of rationing them right now. Because I know, quiet time of year. They’re going to kind of trail off as people get into the holidays and that kind of thing. But I’m going to kind of meet them out. So we can continue to keep this at least slow drip of slow social networking going throughout your holiday season. So you’ll get to meet more people from the Portland startup community this week, Tracy Chow took the opportunity to share her profile with the Portland startup community. Thank you, Tracy, it was nice to meet you and learn more about what you’re doing. I’d like you to learn more about Tracy too. So head on over to that. Read about that. And if you’re like, hey, I would like people to know more about what I’m doing, then maybe I don’t know. Take the opportunity to submit a profile. And I’ll post it. That’s how this thing works. Another important thing about the holiday season, thanks to my co founder at built Oregon Mitch Doherty. You know, always thinking about the consumer products folks, that guy in he’s always looking for ways to be helpful. And holiday season is a really busy time for those folks, but he wants to make them even busier. So he has provided a list of local Oregon companies that have gift box options. So if you’re struggling to find a gift for a family or friend, if you’re a business that likes to give gift boxes to your customers, any type of gifting you’d like to do, you now have a list of gift box providers locally. So you can shop local and and help out consumer products startups here in town while giving fantastic Oregon created gifts to whomever you choose to give them to please take advantage of that list. In all seriousness, I will link it up down below some amazing products on there already the list is growing every day. Keep up to date on it. If you’re really like I don’t know what to get so and so. That list is a great place to start. Every little bit of support is great. But that revenue coming in buying products that’s really the best way you can support entrepreneurs speaking and supporting entrepreneurs. Oregon entrepreneurs network had their annual awards gala. Last night. I am still processing because I’ve literally just read it but because I love you and I want to make sure you have the information you need. So I’m going to read it right to you there. So you got it. The URL The stage award winner was cardcraft. The development stage award winner was Sqwad the growth stage award winner was chapul farms. The Trailblazer award winner was Hopscotch you know, the the adult Playland kind of art installation thing. You know, they got the ball pits and lasers, and they have lasers there. They might entrepreneurial achievement winner was Jake Weatherly from share ID and this year. There are also some great Community Catalyst awards community catalysts are these people who are doing all this kind of work for the startup community. They’re giving blood, sweat and tears to helping founders and OEN wanted to take the opportunity to recognize them. So this year, Peter Moran and Pam Moran, who have also been incredibly helpful to me, not only as participants in the ecosystem, but as mentors to me personally, it was nice to see them get some recognition. Similarly, Ciarra Pressler, received recognition and other person who has been super helpful to me personally, so excited to see her get that recognition. And Mike White also got recognition on stuff. And Mike is one of those guys who is really involved, especially in kind of more rural activities and and has been hugely supportive statewide. For entrepreneurs, thanks to OEM for taking the time to recognize those folks. I’m sure they really appreciate it. I know I appreciate it. And it’s always nice to see what’s going on in our community and get these awards. Yeah. So that’s about it for this week, really quick. Obviously, under 10 minutes. I don’t know this might be under five minutes this week. I haven’t done the post production yet. Okay, folks, that’s it for this week. I hope you’re going to take some downtime as the holidays start getting quieter. And, you know, this is a good time for planning for next year. So looking forward to what you’re up to. And don’t forget, if you’re a startup to watch to let Melia Spencer know that she should be keeping an eye on you as well for the Portland Business Journal. That’s all hang in there. Get some rest. And as always, keep up the good work.