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Early stage venture capital firm Founders’ Co-op turns 15

The startup world is often seen as one of constant change. And that’s because it generally is. But every once in a while, there’s an entity that manages to stay the course. Remaining consistent. And ideally, solvent. And those few and far between, steadfast entities are critical. Because it’s those elements of a startup ecosystem that provide the tentpole-esque support that ensures the ever changing elements can do what they do. And that the community will survive. From my perspective, that’s what Founders’ Co-op has done over the last 15 years for startups throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Stephen Green to take the helm of Business for a Better Portland… temporarily

Things change fast around here. It seems like just six months ago we were talking about Karin Power taking over the interim executive director role at Business for a Better Portland. But now, Karin has been pulled back into service at the state level by Oregon’s new governor Tina Kotek. So that’s where Stephen Green comes in. For the next 90 days, at least.

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Getting that itch to pitch? Well if you’re on the Westside, you’re in luck

Thankful that Malia Spencer reminded me about the upcoming Westside Pitch competition for local startups. Which is still a ways off. But applications are due soon. Like the end of the month soon. Should you be interested? Are you eligible to even apply?

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Kickoff 2023 with some coffee and some other founders

One of the few consistent morning startup events in town, Coffee w/ Co-Founders, is kicking off another year of connecting the community. And if you’re a founder — no matter what the stage of your startup — you’re invited to join the group to meet other folks who are building something new.

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If you’re reading this before 9AM PST on January 12, 2023, you have the opportunity to be helpful

If there’s one truism that gets repeated more than any other in the world of early stage startups, it is this: Go talk to potential customers. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is. It doesn’t matter how needed and obvious it seems to be. It doesn’t matter that you’re an expert in the field. If customers don’t see the need for your product, all you’ve got is a hobby.

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Considering starting a podcast in 2023?

New year, new goals. And seemingly, a time to start new things. Even if you don’t have the best track record of sticking with them. And if “Starting a podcast” is on your list for 2023, then some peer support may be the key to making sure you follow through, which is why Pat Cheung of PodInbox is providing you with that support.

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Silicon Florist is 15 years old… so I’m taking a sabbatical from it. It’s old enough to stay by itself for a bit.

It’s hard to believe but I’ve now been writing Silicon Florist for 15 years. That’s weird. I mean, really. I’ve somehow managed to write consistently from one downturn right into another. For nearly a third of my life. So at least that’s something. And now, I’ve got this celebratory tweet to show for it.

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