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Flying high: Why Verizon’s acquisition of Skyward bodes well for all Portland startups, drone or otherwise

Sure, sure. Everyone is talking about the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo! But honestly? I’m more interested in an acquisition that may fly below the RADAR. (Buh dum buh… tiss!) You see, Verizon just made an acquisition that both bodes well for Portland—and for our future in the drone industry. Verizon has acquired Portland startup Skyward. Read More

Negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full: Skyward releases first version of air-traffic control for drones

For now, most drone adoption has come from the hobbyist community. But the commercial applications are fairly intuitive—and becoming more of a reality every day. And as more and more commercial drones take flight, the skies could get kind of crowded and difficult to manage. Read More