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When you absolutely, positively need to push millions of iPhone messages in milliseconds: Urban Airship Priority Push

not only the small shops that appreciate their service. Some big folks are taking notice of what Urban Airship is doing, too. And as such, they’ve developed some new functionality to support messaging on a massive scale. Introducing Urban Airship Priority Push Service.

Now I know I go on and on and on about all of the cool iPhone app development that happens around these parts. At times, I even go so far as claiming we’re the de facto hub of that kind of stuff. But that’s not the only iPhone work that’s talking place around here. I mean, someone has to provide the underlying infrastructure that makes all of this cool stuff work, right?

Right. And that’s what the folks at Portland-based Urban Airship are doing. Providing the plumbing that makes those little iPhone apps as cool as they can be. Read More