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PRTLND: Simply a beautiful way to find Portland Web developers, designers, illustrators, and photographers

Most of the time, the simple things get to me. Like really get to me. And today was no different.

Today, I was introduced to the latest project from local Web designer Chris Kalani, an incredibly simple and beautiful site that seems to have pared finding Portland Web developers, designers, illustrators, and photographers down to just the bare essentials. And the only difficult thing about using it, is spelling it. Introducing PRTLND. Read More

Portland on Fire: Lighting it up again

[HTML3]Remember Portland on Fire? That site dedicated to “slow social networking”? It’s okay if you don’t. It’s been awhile.

Let me give you a little refresher. In a day and age where we add friends on social networks willy nilly and engage in any number of online conversations, Raven Zachary saw an opportunity to provide a service that helped you really get to know someone. No following or high scores or anything. And yet, something more than an online profile. Without being overwhelming. One Portland person, per day. That’s Portland on Fire.

Unfortunately, that great idea has been on hiatus. For far too long. So now it’s time to light a fire under, um, Portland on Fire and get this thing going again. Read More