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Real time Web analytics service Clicky updates interface… and gets an earful

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Portland has a whole ton of Web analytics talent here in town. Both on the consulting side of the desk and the development side.

One of those talented companies is Clicky, a cost effective real time Web analytics service that I happen to use right here on Silicon Florist. What’s more, they have an incredibly passionate user base. How do I know? Clicky just changed their interface. Read More

May 1st is the perfect day for a reboot. So welcome to the new Silicon Florist.

Back in the day. Or in the dotcom days, at least (I may be showing my age here), May Day was always a good time for a May 1st reboot.

And while the “official” reboot doesn’t seem to be occurring this year, I’m always happy to partake in the Spring cleaning of look and feel.

With that said, welcome to the new Silicon Florist. Read More