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Silicon Forest hires: Paydici pockets Stearns, Taptu finds Harris

I heart job offersI’m a little late to the party, but a couple of really nice, talented folks scored some piping hot new jobs. So I thought I’d share the good news—even if I’m tardy in doing so.

I was going to wait for a third. But I’m antsy, so here you go.

Bryan Stearns has joined Portland-based Paydici as Software Architect. According to ReadWriteWeb’s ReadWriteHire:

Stearns is also currently a Software Architect Contractor at the Public Library of Science and a Principal at The Thomas Eliot Company (a Sole Proprietorship). Previously he was a Software Engineer at Open Source Applications Foundation and a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. Earlier in his career he was a Senior Engineer at Apple.

Jason Harris has signed on, part time, as a community manager for Taptu, a UK-based mobile search engine. According to the Taptu blog:

The Taptu team is growing quickly to support our growth as a business; we now officially have a new team member to our US team. You’ll be reading much more from Jason in the near future, as he covers the perspective of a mobile guy in the American market. Join me in welcoming him to the team!

Congrats to both of them on the new gigs!

What’s that? You’re interested in getting hired? Well then, PDX Critique’s resume critiques on April 27 may be just the thing you needed. For more information, see PDX Critique on Upcoming or Calagator.

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