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Why Chris Harder's move from the Portland Development Commission to head up Business Oregon is good for startups and inclusion

We’ve seen a lot during this last decade of the Portland startup scene. A great deal of it has to do with the hard work of founders, investors, and startups, striving every day to make Portland a better place to build, sustain, and exit from companies. But there, waiting in the wings for the last five years, has been another presence that’s helped orchestrate key measures and activities that have pushed our startup scene forward. Read More

Sad irony: Portland Development Commission (PDC) forced to reduce staff including Gerald Baugh, the Software Cluster lead

If you’ve been even remotely involved in the Portland software scene over the past 18 months or so, you’ve no doubt encountered PDX11, the work of the Portland Development Commission (PDC), or efforts surrounding the “Portland Software Cluster,” an initiative designed to help the businesses and workers in Portland focus on economic pursuits in which it already excels—for the benefit of everyone. Read More