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Dooce Squared

Heather Armstrong DooceI’ve no idea what that headline means. But it sounds good, doesn’t it?

What? Oh.

Well, allow me to explain.

Heather Armstrong, known to the majority of the blogging world as dooce, is currently in Portland on a press junket and book signing trip. She’ll be at Powell’s tonight at 7:30 pm.

But more importantly, she’ll be on KGW The Square at 7, tonight. And thanks to the beautiful new Pioneer Square facing studio, that means you can show up with signs and fanfare and whatnot to welcome Heather to Portland.

You know me. I kind of get all excited when the internet famous swing by Portland.

For those of you not aware of Heather’s work, you should be. I’m an unabashed fan. Not only is she an exceptionally talented writer, she’s one of the most refreshingly honest bloggers I’ve ever read—and has been since 2001. So honest, in fact, that it infamously got her canned from her design gig. Now, the term “dooced” means “getting fired from one’s paying gig for blogging about said gig.”

Lucky us. Over the past seven years, dooce has become one of the most prominent professional bloggers. And remains an inspiration to many of us who have aspirations of doing more with our blogs. That’s right. I used “inspiration” and “aspiration” in the same sentence—clearly indicating that I am still aspiring to actually learn how to write.

So if you have a minute, head down to The Square with your dooce signs or swing by Powell’s for her book signing. At the very least, take a few seconds to send @dooce a tweet, welcoming her to the Rose City.

(Photo courtesy Kris Krug. Used under Creative Commons.)