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Portland’s App Camp for Girls seeks to expand to other cities

There are any number of efforts in Portland focused on improving the gender ratios in tech. Some gather folks who are already in the workforce with peers and mentors to provide support and insights. Some seek to recruit and train current professionals in different technologies. Still others, like App Camp for Girls, are working to inspire the next generation of developers and coders. And in order to do that, they could use your help.

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A new tech publication in the making: The Recompiler

We can always use more voices talking about tech, making it more approachable, and helping folks feel welcome and involved. And when those publications are startups in their own right? All the better. That’s why I’m happy to see local community builder and developer Audrey Eschright taking to Indiegogo to underwrite the development of a new tech publication called The Recompiler. Read More

Portland's ChickTech strives to bring its programs to more communities

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Portland is a great R&D shop. Especially for ideas that involve community and collaboration. Test it here. Iterate. And then look for opportunities to repeat what you’ve learned. That’s why I’m super happy to hear that Portland’s ChickTech—a tech program designed to encourage high school girls and career level women to pursue technology careers—is looking to take its programming to a much larger stage. Read More