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KGW Live @7: Must be a slow news day

KGW Live @7It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of local NBC-affiliate KGW’s Live @7 show. I don’t even watch broadcast TV and I’m a fan. Why?

Because they’re approaching broadcast journalism in a way that I understand. They leave mics and cameras open during breaks. Both Stephanie Stricklen, the show’s anchor, and Aaron Weiss, the senior producer, use Twitter—and they use it very well. They swing by Beer and Blog….

In short, they get it.

Unfortunately, I may have been a tad too overt in my fanboi worship of their efforts. Because now, I’m going to be on the show.

That’s right, gentle reader. Tonight, you can tune in for my three minutes and 45 seconds of fame. I should be on around 7:10 PM for the “Hot Box” segment.

And while there’s no telling how it will go, it wouldn’t be the same without you.

So please feel free to jump on Twitter as you watch the live stream online (so you can see the behind the scenes stuff, too) and, of course, ridicule my stumbling delivery, predilection for the word “amazing,” and other foibles which will become all too evident on camera. Or catch it online later.

Either way, I’ll thank you in advance for letting me into your living room or laptop or whatever.