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Did someone say bacon? Bacn.com launches as premium bacon shop

Bacn your online source for premium baconSure. Sure. You’ve heard the bacon meme. You’ve seen the bacon shirts. You’ve even been known to giggle at a “#bacon” on Twitter, once or twice.

But where, in your world of daily Web life, are you to go for the slivers of salty goodness from the magical meat animal?

Portland-based Bacn—a side project launched today by Scott Kveton, Jason Glaspey, and Michael Richardson at Masterbacon—aims to answer that very question.

Bacn.com is your new source for high-quality bacon products, wrapped in butcher paper and delivered to your door all with the click of a mouse. We’ll have customer reviews and of course a few howtos to help you in your quest to fulfill that “bacon passion.”

Given that few things go as well together as the Web and bacon, it’s surprising that it has taken someone this long to stumble upon this brilliant idea. But when Kveton’s Bacon Geek site took off in popularity and he began working to find the world’s best bacon, he saw an opportunity—albeit a strangely Web 1.0 opportunity for someone so awash in the world of the Open Web.

And that’s likely why this will work.

Bacn is about as straightforward as you can get, offering up the best bacon products you can find. Initial suppliers include Beeler’s, Broadbent Hams, Burgers’ Smokehouse, and Fletcher’s. And with Bacn’s straightforward ordering system, those products will be on the way to your doorstep with a few clicks.

For those with discerning bacon palates, the site provides insightful details about each offering, including videos on the products.


Not enough bacon for you? Bacn also offers bacon-oriented paraphernalia for those who are forthright with their passion about the salty little pieces of pork.

To check out the selection, visit the Bacn products page. Or simply hit the home page and spend some time checking out all Bacn has to offer.

I told you that this idea had potential.

Masterbacon: More techie bacon love than you can shake a strip of bacon at

Bacon!There are some things that just go well together. Chocolate & peanut butter. Beer & Blog. And, of course, technology & bacon.

What’s that? You’re not aware of the kismet-like connection of cured meats and coding?

Well, then Masterbacon is for you, my friend.

It’s all about techies doing what they do best: geeking. Only this time, rather than geeking about some obscure algorithm or arcane coding language, they’re geeking about bacon.

Have you ever wanted to get together with a bunch of other bacon geeks and just geek out about bacon? What if there was an event specifically catered to bacon geeks to be able to share their favorite bacon treats with the world? Wouldn’t it make sense to make it a competition complete with trophy and prizes? Of course it would.

Masterbacon is just such an event.

So much bacon love, even the most vegan of geeks is sure to appreciate it. Maybe.

Masterbacon will be held on Saturday, January 17, at the newly opened Davis Street Tavern in Old Town. Participation is mandatory. That means you’re cooking, judging… something.

For more information, see Masterbacon on Bacon Geek. To RSVP, visit Upcoming.

I can’t wait to see how you get your bacon on. That is, just so long as this isn’t how you get your bacon on.

Photo courtesy the bacon geek, himself, Scott Kveton. Used under Creative Commons.