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KGW gets strange: Stephanie Stricklen and Aaron Weiss (@TheSquare) on Strange Love Live, tonight

Strange Love LiveAsk me about my favorite podcast and I will respond without hesitation. “Strange Love Live,” I will say.

Ask me about my favorite local news program (period), and I will respond just as quickly with, “KGW Live @7.” I’ll also mention that it’s going to be called “The Square” once they finish their studio in Pioneer Square.

For what it’s worth, I will also likely punctuate both of those responses above with, “Duh!”

So just imagine my excitement for this evening when—in a Reese’s “you got your peanut butter on my chocolate; you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” moment—Stephanie Stricklen (host) and Aaron Weiss (Senior Producer) from KGW will be on Strange Love Live with Cami Kaos (host) and Dr. Normal (Senior Producer).

KGW Live @7What’s that? You’ve never heard of The Square?

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of local NBC-affiliate KGW’s Live @7 show. I don’t even watch broadcast TV and I’m a fan. Why?

Because they’re approaching broadcast journalism in a way that I understand. They leave mics and cameras open during breaks. Both Stephanie Stricklen, the show’s anchor, and Aaron Weiss, the senior producer, use Twitter—and they use it very well. They swing by Beer and Blog….

In short, they get it.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of Strange Love Live? First, you hadn’t heard of KGW Live @7, and now this? I’m growing concerned.

It’s Friday. It’s kind of chilly outside. You’re looking for something to do. Why not spend some time by the warm glow of your monitor learning some interesting stuff from some interesting people?

That’s why there’s Strange Love Live, the weekly podcast hosted by Cami Kaos and Dr. Normal. Dare I say, “the best podcast in Portland”? Indeed, I dare.

They’ve got a guest list that boasts a veritable who’s who of the Portland tech scene—Nate Angell, Josh Bancroft, Bram Pitoyo & Amber Case, Aaron Hockley, [Marshall Kirkpatrick], Scott Kveton, Don Park, Chris O’Rourke, Craig Schwartz, the Shizzow team, and many, many more.

Strange Love Live records every Friday night around 10-ish. And you’re always invited to join the taping via Mogulus.

I hear you. If it’s “recorded,” then why watch live? Chat room, my friend. Chat room.

Tonight promises to be a night to remember. Looking forward to seeing you at Strange Love Live around 10.