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Seeing the potential: Vadio lands $2 million, fueling continued growth for its MTV-esque service

Maybe I’m dating myself here, but… MTV used to show music videos. No. I’m serious. Like all of the time. No reality shows. Just videos. Song after song after song. And it was pretty awesome. So forgive me if I get a little nostalgic with Portland startup Vadio, which is bringing that exact same kind of original MTV-esque magic to radio stations. Read More

I want my single sign on. Janrain adds MTV Networks to their customer roster. And money to the coffer.

[HTML1]If any network has a foothold in the world of social networking, it’s MTV. From The Daily Show to the Spongebob to complaining that MTV doesn’t show videos anymore, it’s hard to be on Facebook or Twitter on any given day without encountering an MTV media property.

And now, engaging with—and sharing—all that MTV owned goodness just got even easier. All thanks to Portland-based Janrain. Read More