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Silicon Forest silicon manufacturing: Still the world’s best

Among many interesting developments announced at the Intel Developer Forum (in San Francisco, where the technology discussion was largely about what Intel is doing in Oregon) was the announcement that Intel’s somewhat understated Custom Foundry business would be building processors for ARM and its customers, including LG, servicing the mobile and IoT markets. While this is not as big as a win as having the dominant branded design, it underscores Intel’s continuing leadership in manufacturing technology—led by Intel’s Hillsboro Ronler Acres site. Read More

Spring fever musings from the world of science startups

In my first post, I made a mild dig at my former hometown (Silicon Valley) for perhaps becoming a bit soft(ware) and distant from the science and tech base it started from. That’s not the whole story, of course, and in any event the home of Apple and Google (great software companies that ended up doing their own great hardware) doesn’t need my help to philosophize on this topic. Read More

Oregon startups are more than just soft(ware): 5 "hard" technology Oregon startups to watch in 2016

Editor’s Note: At the end of last year, I published a post on Portland startups I’d be watching in 2016. Like many list posts, people wondered why they weren’t on it. It happens. I can’t list everyone. But even more importantly, I don’t know about everything. So when folks asked for more physical world sort of startups, I asked my friends at ONAMI to create a list. And they have obliged. Read More