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Made in Portland: Your one stop resource for PDX built beer, bikes, coffee, and Web startups

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, has a lot of awesome stuff going on around here. And not just in the startup scene. You live here. You know that. But what’s almost a secret is exactly what’s happening here. I mean, for all the things at which we excel, tooting our own horn is not one of them. Read More

PDX Pipeline app: A handful of entertainment… err a pocketful of fun… um well it’s an app packed with tons of local events

One of the best blogs in town for entertainment and events is, without a doubt, PDX Pipeline. I’ve no idea how they do it, but they know every single thing going on in town. Every single weekend. They’re like party savants.

But sometimes, a web site is simply too inaccessible. That’s why PDX Pipeline is now sharing all of their event and entertainment insights with a new mobile app. Read More

REMINDER: API Hackday PDX happens Saturday. You should be there.

I know, I know. It’s been one of those long weeks. You’ve been to OSCON. You showed up to Mobile Portland. You’ve been working on your application to PIE. I hear you. It’s rough.

But still. APIs? Kinda awesome, right? And Mashery and Twilio and LinkedIn and Apigee and SimpleGeo and SendGrid joining Urban Airship and PHP Fog for a hackday? Super awesome. So why aren’t you going? Read More

Want to hack with some of the best API folks in the business? Attend API Hackday PDX

Now, we all know that Portland has a thriving hacker culture. From weekly hackathons to Dorkbot to open source projects, we like our hacking around here.

But sometimes, it’s interesting to get some new people in the mix—especially if they have interesting APIs. And that’s why API Hackday PDX, July 30, could be a whole bunch of awesome. Read More

Portland, the city that hacks: PDX-OSGEO, Japan Crisis Camp, and PDX11 civic hackathons, Friday and Saturday

If there’s one thing I love about the City of Portland, it’s the startups. If there’s another thing I love about Portland, it’s the beer. But another thing I like about Portland? It will never pass up an opportunity to get a bunch of folks in the room to hack on stuff. And this weekend is no different.

On April 1 and 2, there are two big hackathons taking place, the PDX-OSGEO / Japan Crisis Camp hackathon on Friday and the PDX11 civic hackathon on Saturday. Read More

REMINDER: Like it cloudy? Don’t miss CloudCamp PDX at OSCON tonight

Whether you’re building Web apps or mobile apps, dealing with infrastructure or finding storage, or simply just trying to scale, there’s likely one term you hear more than any other: the Cloud. You see, the Cloud is where everybody—well at least all the cool kids—are putting their stuff these days. Cloud Cloud Cloud.

But where do you go to find out about using the Cloud more effectively. Well, you go to camp. CloudCamp PDX, that is. But you better hurry and register. It starts tonight, July 19. Read More

Psst! Hey buddy! Want to hack on a little open municipal data from Portland?

So, as you may have heard, the City of Portland has opened up their data to outside developers. And they’ve been running the CivicApps contest to encourage participation. As part of that effort, they had planned to hold a hackathon—CiviCode Day—this weekend. But those plans changed.

Now you know as well as I do that you don’t want to get a bunch of developers all riled up to code and then pull the rug out from under them. I mean, you’re courting mutiny or anarchy or some other -y kind of word. And that’s why they’re going to be hacking anyway. Unofficially of course. Read More

Finance 101 for Portland startups or would-be startups

One of the primary culprits? The basics of finance. I mean, let’s face it, you didn’t come up with a startup idea because of your love of numbers and tax law.

Sometimes, the biggest barrier to getting your startup off the ground isn’t the things you know—it’s the things you don’t know. Worse yet, finding a mentor or a trusted voice to help you figure things out can be more difficult than it should be.

One of the primary culprits? The basics of finance. I mean, let’s face it, you didn’t come up with a startup idea because of your love of numbers and tax law. Well, maybe you did. But you get my point.

What to do? What to do? Well, how does gaining some basic knowledge about finance for startups sound? Good? Good. You’re in luck. Read More

memePDX 007: Portland is open, WhereCamp PDX, WordPress.tv, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Google Wave, and boco

[HTML2]It’s Thursday. And that means it’s time for yet another roundup of the hottest tech stories in Portland and beyond. And while this episode may be numbered 007, it’s probably not as suave or charming as Mr. Bond. Well, Cami Kaos might be. But not Rick Turoczy. For sure.

This week, we cover Portland’s openness, WhereCamp PDX, WordPress.tv, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Google Wave, and boco. Oh and we throw 40 iPhone apps in to boot. Read More

WhereCamp PDX 2009: Where the where things are

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portland likes the geogeeking. And whether it’s mobile, Geode, or good-old mapping, there’s no better place for getting your fill of geolocation and geography goodness than WhereCamp PDX.

So if you’re interested in hanging out with some of the best and brightest geolocation types in town, you’re going to want to find your way to WhereCamp this weekend, October 2-4. Read More

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