Can you quantify that for me? How about with me? Join the Vibrant Data Hack, this weekend

One of the most interesting aspects of our increasingly wired life is the contrail of data that follows us around on a daily basis. How much did we sleep? How much do we weigh? Where did we go? How many calories did we consume? Small bite sized chunks of data that more and more people are accumulating. About any number of subjects.

But what to do with this ever expanding data set? The Vibrant Data community is working to figure that out. And this weekend, they’re gathering to do a little hacking on the topic at the VibrantData PDX Hackathon.

The Vibrant Data Project is aimed at making data more present and alive, useful and valuable in the daily lives of people. To increase the vibrancy of data we need to increase its circulation, its ability to interact with other data, and its ability to lead to discovery of new value.


Sounds interesting right? Well, join your Vibrant Data peers, this Saturday, June 2, at Thetus for a day full of hacking and exploring the data we create simply by participating on the Internet.

For more information or to register, visit VibrantData PDX Hackathon.

  1. Rick, thanks for the shout out!

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