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Ignite Portland 7 tosses a couple more logs… err presentations on the fire

It’s getting to be that chilly time of year in Portland. And you know what that means? That’s right: people using coats to save seats at Ignite Portland. But it also means that the Ignite folks are looking to reward us for braving the inclement weather to come watch presenters sharing their burning ideas.

What’s the reward? More content of course. They’ve managed to cram an additional two presentations into the Ignite Portland line-up, making a grand total of 20 burning ideas.

Who got the call? Let’s take a look. Read More

Ignite Portland 6: Who’s got the burning ideas this time?

From the sounds of things, choosing presentations for Ignite Portland 6 was a bit of a doozy. But the Ignite Portland team managed to soldier on and select a group of presenters to take the stage on July 16.

There were almost 70 proposals—and all of them were really good. So who made the cut? Read More

Ignite Portland 5: Five minutes of fame or 15 seconds of flame?

Ignite Portland

Things are starting to heat up with Ignite Portland again. It’s almost time for Ignite Portland 5. Or as I like to call it, “el Cinco.”

This time around, Ignite is offering two ways to get your burning ideas in front of the crowd—five minutes of presentation magic or 15 seconds of screen time. Well, there are actually three ways to get your ideas in front of the crowd. But these are the two that are free.

Want five minutes? There’s still time to pitch your burning idea to the Ignite crew. You’ve got until January 24 to submit your talk idea.

Maybe something shorter and far less terror-inducing is more your speed? There’s a new format for Ignite Portland 5—“15 Seconds of Flame”—that may appeal to you:

Do you have something to share with Portland? Can you share it in 15 seconds? If so, here’s your chance to get your 15 Seconds of Flame! Send us a video of yourself sharing your “Flame”, and if it’s selected we’ll show it during Ignite Portland 5 on February 19th.

What can I share? Anything! Share an idea, a skill, a poem, or something you’re passionate about. Silly or serious- it’s up to you. Tell us your plan to save the world or why you love living in Portland, do shadow puppets, sing a really short song, bust a dance move or show Portland that you really can tie a cherry stem with your tongue. Be creative and be interesting.

What can’t I share? Nothing gross or “spammy” (promotional). We also tend to shy away from politics, religion and high pitched squealy noises.

Again, both options are absolutely free. What better way to share your ideas with more than 500 of your closest friends?

Flame or Fame? The choice is yours.

Submit a video by uploading it to a video site—I’d recommend Vimeo given their Portland connection—and tagging it “Legion of Tech”, “Ignite Portland” and “15 Seconds of Flame.” Then, send a link to the video to IgnitePDX@gmail.com. Make sure it gets there by February 3.

More into delivering your message in person? It’s an Ignite presentation for you, my friend. Submit a talk proposal by completing the proposal form. Again, the deadline for talk submissions is January 24.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on stage—in person or virtually—on February 19.