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Take a break from running your startup to run for a good cause

Being an entrepreneur means running all of the time. All over the place. But sometimes, even the most steadfast startup can use a break from running around willy nilly. By actually running. And the Elemental Portland 4K 4Charity could be exactly what you need. Read More

And then, Portland's mayoral race suddenly got exponentially more important for Portland startups

Let me preface this with the statement that I don’t even like politics. Mostly because I don’t get it. I come from a long line of coal miners and blue collar workers. You don’t politick. You just work. That being said, even a political n00b like me can see the writing on the wall. And so, here I sit. Writing my second politically fueled post of the day. Because I wanted to bring your attention to the Portland mayoral race. Because it just got way more important for every startup in Portland. Read More

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