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Ad vantage: MetaFilter's unvarnished look at online advertising is a wake up call for startups chasing ad revenue

It’s such a common refrain, that it’s become a running joke in startup circles. “How are you going to make money?” “We’re going to sell ads.” But happy flukes like Flappy Bird aside, the golden age of Web properties continuing to make viable revenues off ad networks is rapidly coming to an end. And no story describes this trajectory more clearly than Oregon-based Matt Haughey‘s recent write up on his project, MetaFilter. Read More

Urban Airship snags former Skype exec as Chief Revenue Officer

If your revenue is trending, it’s always good to have someone focused on it. And Urban Airship just landed a doozy.

The company has just announced that former Skype exec Christopher Dean has joined Urban Airship as Chief Revenue Officer. All Things D broke the news. Read More

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