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I Did Marketing In A Failing Start-Up — Here Are The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Spotted There

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, this article might be helpful to you in terms of what to avoid in your own company. If you’re simply a marketer, read on anyway — some points could be applied to your current company as well.

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Six Pitching Mistakes We’re Sick of Seeing

I love watching startups pitch, probably because I love pitching. To me, seeing someone articulate their vision and product is nothing short of inspiring. But having been a judge for various university competitions like Hult Prize’s Accelerator and University College London amongst others, I have to share some of the biggest pet peeves I have seen from the judging table.

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Five Years Ago, I Set Out To Prove A VC Firm Could Invest With A Diversity Thesis. Here’s Where We Are Today.

In 2017, I started compiling a list of Black and Latino founders who had raised $1 million of VC funding as there wasn’t any aggregated list online. I simply wanted to know who the top diverse founders were as they were the founders I, as a venture investor, wanted to serve. So I started pooling data from all over the internet.

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How to make the most out of a mentoring relationship

Whether or not you have a formal or more casual mentor in your life, the benefits of a trusted confidant reach far beyond increased engagement and sense of belonging (which, is convincing on its own—we know!). According to our 2021 State of the Octoverse Report, when a commitment to mentorship is combined with friendly and timely code reviews, teams see a 46% boost in productivity in open source projects and 16% in companies.

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Shades of Entrepreneurship podcast: Owner of Creatively Insane, Gabriel Flores

Do you ever look back on the past and get embarrassed about something you did a decade ago? Don’t feel bad – we all do it, and we feel that way because we have matured. This is a self-narrated episode featuring the life story of a podcast host, an entrepreneur, and an indigenous migrant worker.

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Deals go big: Why 2021 was a huge year for M&As in the Portland region

Among more than 50 deals that occurred last year involving Oregon and southwest Washington companies or assets, the Business Journal found just 20 in which terms were disclosed last year. These amounted to $25.3 billion in cash, stock and debt transaction, little more than half of the haul in 2015, but a 334% increase over the value of disclosed deals in 2020. This compares to just a 34% increase in deal value across the U.S. — from $1.1 trillion in 2020 to $1.5 trillion in 2021 — according to Capital IQ data gathered by the Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances.

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