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Silicon Florist is eight. And eight is great. Or something. And stuff.

Most years—as Silicon Florist’s birthday rolls around—I tend to get a bit sappy. And wrapped up in a bit of nostalgia. But honestly? I’m not really feeling it this year. (If you’re in the mood for one of those types of posts, the sixth birthday post should more than satiate that hunger for gooby and sappy.) This year, I’m in a crappy mood. Read More

What did Silicon Florist 2014 look like?

Every year, as the year draws to a close, I like to go back and thumb through the stories that appeared on Silicon Florist. To take a look at everything from the companies mentions to the number of words I managed to shove into a mangled headline. And while I was mucking around, I thought it might be nice to get all retro and serve you up a year end word cloud. Read More

Golden birthday: It's August 7 and Silicon Florist turned seven years old today

“WTF am I doing?” I often ask myself. Arrington had already long gotten out of TechCrunch at this point. And yet here I sit. Posting. Day after day. Just like I did at 2AM seven years ago. About Portland. About startups. And about what you’re doing. Read More

Six years of Silicon Florist (or How a poorly written blog with ridiculously long headlines somehow spawns awesome things like PIE, TechFestNW, and Oregon Story Board)

I have a tendency to forego writing about the stuff on which I’m working—no matter how much Jason Grigsby chides me for it—as I half-ass my way through the Portland startup scene. Because, quite frankly, I find the stuff that you’re building to be far more interesting and far more inspiring. Read More

Apologies and postmortem for Silicon Florist downtime this morning

You know how those awesome Web services always do some sort of statement or postmortem after their sites are down? It’s awesome, right? And insightful. Read More

Looking back: Visualizing Silicon Florist headlines from 2012

Sometimes, ridiculously long headlines prove to have some value. Especially when you cram all of those words into a word cloud generator. Which is what I like to do from time to time. So sue me. Read More

Half a decade later: Thank you for putting up with bad grammar, ridiculously long headlines, haphazard posting schedules, and an all too rosey view of the Portland startup scene

Five years ago today. I sat up in bed with a crazy—but seemingly reasonable—URL stuck in my head. “If our region is the ‘Silicon Forest’ and we live in the ‘Rose City,’ then why wouldn’t a blog about tech startups in Portland be called ‘Silicon Florist’?” Strangely enough, no one had snagged that URL yet. So I did.

Read More

Four years and seven hours ago… Silicon Florist is four

Four years ago, Portland had some interesting startups going. Nothing compared to today. But there were interesting side projects and burgeoning companies.

Only no one was really covering them. Or tracking them. Or much paying attention. So I decided to do just that. And to cheerlead a little. To use my experience with marketing and promotion to cast some limelight. To give entrepreneurs that extra push they might need to spend another hour cranking code. Or to simply spend a few more minutes bringing their ideas and dreams to fruition. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for July 2011

Well, summer didn’t exactly come blazing into Portland. But the startup news around these parts was still pretty hot. And we had OSCON in town. And some very interesting conversations started.

So let’s take a look at Silicon Florist for July 2011. Here are the stories you and your peers were reading according to RSS and Web traffic. Read More

Top 10 Silicon Florist posts for May 2011: PDC, tech events, and stock options

Time keeps on cruising by. Lots of interesting stuff happening in town. Companies getting funded. Companies getting acquired. People making the news. Events starting to pick up. It’s summer in Portland.

But which stories got the most attention? Let’s take a look at the top 10 Silicon Florist posts for May 2011 as ranked by Web and RSS traffic. Read More

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