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Robert Wagner: “I was a Silicon Lumberjack.” The WordPress one. Not the Tumblr one.

One of the biggest backchannel conversations of 2011 was the drama around Silicon Lumberjack, a blog designed to cover the Portland tech scene without pulling punches. First it was on Tumblr. And then it was on WordPress. But it was always anonymous. Until now. Read More

Swinging a big axe: Silicon Lumberjack looks to highlight failures and rot in the Silicon Forest startup scene

Someone way smarter than me once opined that those who don’t learn from history—or their failures—are doomed to repeat them. And equally smart people would say constant cheerleading has its placeā€¦ but only if it’s balanced with equally compelling criticism.

A new blog hopes to do just that for the Portland startup scene. Meet Silicon Lumberjack. Read More

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