September 18th, 2007

LUNARR landing

After operating for two years in stealth mode, LUNARR stepped into the light, last night, unveiling its collaboration-oriented product offering to a crowd of bloggers and other interested parties in its hometown, Portland, Oregon.

For a week where all tech eyes seem to be on the little Arrington-Calacanis get-together down south, LUNARR is pulling down some pretty impressive coverage.

As always, I’ll work to roundup all of the posts that I can. Here’s what I’ve found, so far:

  • Lunarr Launches Thought Provoking Collaboration Tool – With Issues
    “Cofounder Hideshi Hamaguchi, who probably has a career as a poet in his future if this doesn’t work out, says that Lunarr leverages the creative tension between structure and chaos. In that mental place, Hamaguchi says, we just may find more time for creativity in our work. I buy that.”
  • Lunarr: A different philosophy for collaboration
    “Lunarr is based on a simple idea, but not quite ready for prime time for a few reasons, which I believe could be fixed before the product goes into beta.”
  • Lunarr’s Online Document Collaboration: Write on the Back of Papers
    “One of the most helpful tools for Lunarr is the automated organization tools that are included with this service. All documents that you attach to a message are automatically stored in a section dedicated to related files. A complete revision history is also maintained, which is rather pertinent for a document collaboration site.”
  • Lunarr: A Once in a Blue Moon Company with a Unique Collaborative App
    “The Lunarr concept is a hybrid model of the different way Japanese and US workers share their work space. In Japan, offices have communal areas where shared resources such as manuals are kept. In US offices, cubicles with their private areas are the norm.”
  • Lunarr eclipse
    “Instead of attaching the document to an email, you attach the email to the document. That is to say, you click the document tab and it flips over, providing a simple mail form. You specify a recipient, include a short note, and send it on. They then can open the document, make some changes, and do the same in return.”
  • LUNARR Launches Online Collaboration Service
    “LUNARR’s online collaboration service provides web-based access to a collaborative document which is linked into an email system and version tracking, along with commenting and message features.
  • LUNARR Launch
    “The answer to the question on everyone’s mind: ‘Do they compete with Jive Software’ is No. We have a large, open collaboration platform, while LUNARR is laser focused on document collaboration, but with a different spin.”
  • For those of you who like the video, Scoble has promised coverage on LUNARR. I’ll work to get it posted it as soon as it’s available. [Update] Scoble has posted the video—LUNARR brings a new “backward” way to collaborate—so I’ve embedded it below.

If you’ve written about LUNARR, and I’ve (inadvertently) missed your post, link it up in the comments below. I’ll make sure to add it to this list.For more on LUNARR, see the product descriptions on the LUNARR site.

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7 Responses to “LUNARR landing”

  1. Wow, that is some great coverage considering everything else going on in the tech world this week.

    Congrats to them…

  2. Rick Turoczy says:

    I know that there was a great deal of work put into working with the media, even while they were in stealth. No doubt, this is part of the reason they’re getting this kind of “pop.”

    Always good to see a Portland company in the major tech blogs.

  3. Missed this:

    LUNARR Launches Online Collaboration Service

  4. Rick Turoczy says:

    I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking “Lotus Notes,” when they were using this?

    Maybe it’s just me. And honestly, it’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve used Notes. But I seem to have this fuzzy memory of the idea of “no attachments” or “the attachment is the email” that the Notes platform used.

    Oh, speaking of which, I have some invites to give away.

    Want one? Add a comment requesting one and I’ll hook you up. First come, first served.

  5. I’ll take an invite. I’m struggling with how this will compete with the collaboration in Google Docs. Is it that different?

  6. Ok, there is some cool stuff in there. I’ll try to keep this handy in the ‘ol toolbox. And I agree, that was some pop for a company not involved in the TechCrunch 40, very nice to see LUNARR breakthrough.

  7. [...] Portland company LUNARR, cut through the TechCrunch40 noise nicely this morning with their release. Silicon Florist has a good roundup. [...]

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