May 1st, 2009

Silicon Florist Moo cards are here!

Silicon Florist Moo cards are here!

I just wanted to drop a short note to let all of you know that the Silicon Florist Moo cards—featuring tons of cool Silicon Forest startups—have arrived. Thank you to everyone who participated! Your logos all look beautiful.

Let’s not stop here. Hopefully, I’ll be handing a bunch of these out to folks, which means I’ll need to reorder cards. And given that Moo just opened its US office, I may just order up some new cards simply out of sheer giddiness.

Would you like to participate? Great!

Instructions for adding your imagery to the mix can be found in the original post about the Silicon Florist business card project.

One additional note? Make sure your sharing/licensing rights are set so that I can download a copy of the image. And, just to be safe, make sure it appears on Flickr when you search for sfmoo. (That’s where I’ll be looking for the images.)

Keep those logos coming. I’m looking forward to seeing more folks using the sfmoo tag.

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3 Responses to “Silicon Florist Moo cards are here!”

  1. I want one! And, I think you know *which* one ;)

  2. Rick Turoczy says:

    Wouldn’t you rather I gave that one to the Silicon Prairie News guys while I’m out in Omaha? Not having a Beer and Blog Omaha is a travesty, in my opinion. ;)

  3. [...] Remember when I asked all of you Silicon Forest startups to send me your logo so that I could put it on the back of my business cards? People love those things. [...]

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