June 9th, 2009

Meet the Top 100 Twitter users in Portland at Beer and Blog

Meet the Top 100 Twitter users in Portland at Beer and Blog

Ah, Twitter. If there’s one thing I know about Twitter and Portland it’s this: Portland loves Twitter. It’s helped our community band together, it’s helped us monitor the weather, and it’s helped inspire new products—like TwitterLocal and Twitalyzer. Heck, we even have Rael Dornfest, the guy engineering our Twitter user experience, here in town.

Twitter and Portland were made for each other.

But when I start thinking about Portland and Twitter there it always leads to questions. Who else in Portland is using Twitter? Who am I missing? Who are the most active and influential people in Portland on Twitter?

Leave it to Twitalyzer, the Portland-based Twitter analysis tool, to answer that question.

They’ve managed to create a list of the top 100 Twitter users in Portland. And with the help of Beer and Blog—our favorite geeky happy hour—they want to bring the top 100 Portland Twitter users together, this Friday.

The creator of Twitalyzer Eric Peterson, consultant and author of Web Analytics Demystified and Web Site Measurement Hacks, will be there to explain his online service. He will also be generously treating each of the 100 most influential among us to a free, refreshing beer. Yay!

Are you on the list? Let’s find out! Eric froze the top 100 list last Friday, and here’s what we’ve got:

  1. @diyanaalcheva
  2. @electrcspacegrl
  3. @brianmbendis
  4. @ChrisGuillebeau
  5. @kgwsunrise
  6. @_SDO
  7. @stephstricklen
  8. @marshallk
  9. @brampitoyo
  10. @TheSquare
  11. @donmilleris
  12. @curtjonestweets
  13. @rmichaelthomas
  14. @turoczy
  15. @ThereinLies
  16. @caseorganic
  17. @lynndorman
  18. @melbrehl
  19. @Jen2Squared
  20. @jpsalamanca
  21. @katalee02
  22. @whyinthehell
  23. @enobytes
  24. @Urban_Lindsay
  25. @havi
  26. @xolotl
  27. @coast2coastmag
  28. @chriscoyier
  29. @atlanta978
  30. @cabel
  31. @CarriBugbee
  32. @damiradke
  33. @scc_skwerl
  34. @stymper
  35. @caseyore
  36. @znmeb
  37. @fishingbear
  38. @magicswebpage
  39. @scizzorwizard
  40. @smallbizbee
  41. @freshselects
  42. @jeanannvk
  43. @designmama
  44. @verso
  45. @knitfemme
  46. @cloaker
  47. @forkfly
  48. @sunnymchao
  49. @Pampelmoose
  50. @powells
  51. @yaatriki
  52. @joshgard
  53. @Rich_Mayo
  54. @bikeportland
  55. @erictpeterson
  56. @ericdsnider
  57. @colligan
  58. @lauralkgw
  59. @wiredpig
  60. @schnik
  61. @jasonenter
  62. @emmortal
  63. @willradik
  64. @geekygirldawn
  65. @pdxsays
  66. @koifusionpdx
  67. @camikaos
  68. @kyeungbum
  69. @bryanrhoads
  70. @cfpdx
  71. @drnormal
  72. @melissalion
  73. @mizz_brittany
  74. @davislove
  75. @bcmystery
  76. @wildfirefitness
  77. @unm00red
  78. @thethermals
  79. @alanpdx
  80. @thisKat
  81. @shutupjami
  82. @n3tw0rking
  83. @dividedsequence
  84. @jaycosnett
  85. @jarvitron
  86. @duffbert
  87. @blazersedge
  88. @nerdsrocket
  89. @KimBrater
  90. @Laurensintents
  91. @addictedtotext
  92. @kaylamari
  93. @kmcdade
  94. @tylerbraun
  95. @pdxfilms
  96. @starchile
  97. @andtheafterglow
  98. @artisttarareed
  99. @ginarau
  100. @arthabaska

Now, we had to weed the list a little bit for bots and Portland, Maine, and whatnot. But we may have missed some. So if you find a discrepancy or mistake, please let me know and I’ll correct the list.

But see, here’s the thing. Any number of these folks have never been to Beer and Blog, may have never heard of Beer and Blog, or may not be following any Beer and Blog regulars.

So here’s where you can help: if you’re following one of the people on the list, please send them a tweet and let them know about the get together. If we can pull this off, it’s going to be an amazing gathering. Like Guinness Book of World Records sort of stuff.

I know you can do it Portland. Because you love Twitter. And beer. Especially free beer.

Oh. And any Portland-area resident who feels like they were unjustly—or simply accidentally—left off the list due to a slight location discrepancy? I’ll be happy to buy you a beer or another beverage of your choice. I’m looking at you @ahockley and you @jabancroft.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

For more information, read the post from Beer and Blog or RSVP on Upcoming.

(Image courtesy Portland Twisitor Center. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hmm that would be @Rich_Mayo.

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