April 14th, 2010

FAIL tale: Post mortem on the demise of Portland’s SplashCast

FAIL tale: Post mortem on the demise of Portland’s SplashCast

It’s never a happy to thing to have to report on the demise of once high-flying and well-funded Portland startups. But that’s exactly what happened, last year, when Portland-based SplashCast wound up switching off.

What happened? Why did a company that had secured $4 million in capital fail to materialize? CEO Mike Berkley gave us his take on it. And now, SplashCast exec Tom Turnbull and investors Angela Jackson and John Karl will give us their take on the SplashCast demise, tonight at the OEN Pub Talk.

Please join OEN for the April 14th PubTalk to hear what happened, and what the team learned from failure. You will hear from one of the Founders of SplashCast, as well as a few investors in the company. This panel discussion will highlight the positive moves the company made, as well as share some valuable lessons of what to avoid. Learning from their insights and knowledge will undoubtedly help you in your decision making processes so that your company may avoid the same pitfalls.

It be will be very good to hear Tom’s take, but I think the most interesting part will be hearing from the people who were convinced to fund SplashCast. What convinced them to invest? What made them believe in the vision? And how did the execs handle their relationship—from the investors’ perspectives?

The event takes place at Backspace, beginning at 5:15 PM. The cost for OEN members is $15. Non-members can attend for $25. To RSVP or for more information, see OEN Pub Talk – SplashCast – What Happened? on Upcoming.

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