September 8th, 2010

Want an easy-to-use marketplace for eLearning? It could be as simple as OpenSesame

Want an easy-to-use marketplace for eLearning? It could be as simple as OpenSesame

For many folks, eLearning seems to be a realm only destined for those corporations with the wherewithal to develop, produce, sell, and distribute that content. That for individuals, getting that content in front of the intended audience—even in this day and age—is an insurmountable hurdle.

One Portland startup is looking to change that. Meet OpenSesame.

OpenSesame is taking their corporate experience with the eLearning market and learning management software and putting it to work for individuals. So that anyone, anywhere, can create, promote, sell, and distribute their coursework and knowledge.

As enterprise-level buyers and sellers of elearning software and courses, we understand the problem from the inside out. Corporate elearning initiatives tend to quickly lose their value. A large part of the problem is the expense and difficulty required to acquire and manage courses that are timely, applicable, engaging and cost effective. The traditional content model is out of step with today’s flexible and responsive social web.

At OpenSesame, we’ve taken a very non-traditional approach to solving these problems.

OpenSesame connects buyers and sellers directly in a demand-driven marketplace but most importantly, courses are easy to publish and consume in any LMS. Yep – that’s right: any LMS.

Sounds good, right? So how does one get started? Well, as luck would have it, OpenSesame is its early stages. And they’re looking for folks who are hoping to get the chance to try it out.

We are looking to partner with eLearning content developers.

We would prefer to work with local individuals and teams. I would appreciate any referrals that you can make. My email is

(You may remember Tom from his days at SplashCast and his excellent post on that venture’s demise.)

So get on that. And start getting all that great content out there in front of people who need it.

For more information, visit OpenSesame. Or follow OpenSesame on Twitter.

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