Reward yourself: OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards, SoMe Awards, and WebVisions Webvisionary Awards all accepting nominations

I found three awards that could very well land you on the red carpet with a statuette: OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards, SoMe Awards, and WebVisions Webvisionary Awards.

Now, everyone has an opinion on awards. Some positive. Some negative. But here’s the thing. Everyone—and I do mean everyone—likes to be recognized for their efforts. Especially if it’s by their mentors and peers. And sometimes awards are the best way to formalize that recognition.

And since you already missed the Oscars and I don’t quite think you have the lungs for the Grammy, I found three awards that could very well land you on the red carpet with a statuette: OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards, SoMe Awards, and WebVisions Webvisionary Awards. So let’s take a look at how we get you and that statue on speaking terms, shall we? We shall.

OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

Arguably the most respected entrepreneur award around is the OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards, named after the founder of Kentrox, Sentrol, and Mikros. The award is designed to recognize successful companies and entrepreneurs throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards is Oregon’s largest, annual, statewide gathering which celebrates our best and brightest entrepreneurs. Outstanding Northwest businesses or individual entrepreneurs are in the running for recognition. Help us honor and celebrate their entrepreneurial achievements.

The OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards honors the skill, and the courage, it takes for entrepreneurs to create a business out of an idea. They are intended to not only celebrate entrepreneurs, but to highlight their importance to the region’s economy.

Silicon Florist favorites Jama Software and Ray King of AboutUs were both recognized last year.

Applications for the awards are open until May 10, 2010—which actually isn’t terribly far away when you think about it. To submit your favorite company or entrepreneur, see the OEN Entrepreneurship Award nominations.

SoMe Awards (in conjunction with InnoTech)

The SoMe (Social Media) Awards are all about “Honoring the best social media projects, programs and campaigns in the Pacific Northwest.” And the categories are structured around awareness, engagement, and ROI. Big projects compete against big projects and small against small.

We encourage nominees to make it EASY for the judges to review your work and provide as much detail as necessary. We advise a landing page or micro-site, slideshare, blog post, Fan Page on Facebook or other creative use of social media that explains why your project is award-worthy and walks the judges through the elements you want them to be aware of. This is the place to make your pitch! Highlight your creativity, ground-breaking ideas, coding artistry, marketing effectiveness, statistics – whatever is most award-worthy about your project. Don’t assume judges will click through elements you have not highlighted as important! Be clear about what they should look at. Remember we have a PEOPLES CHOICE award as well so all those fans and followers can help you win (more details to come on this Award)

You also MUST provide three to five different screen shots with your entry form, zip them up and attach them to form. The required screen shots are not the only things the judges will review, but these will be displayed on a large screen at the awards show. Any entries without screen shots will not be considered.

The deadline is just around the corner. This Friday (April 16, 2010) as a matter of fact. So you better get in gear. To submit your favorite company or campaign, visit the SoMe Awards submission form.

WebVisions Webvisionary Awards

One of the premier Web conferences in Portland, WebVisions, is now in its tenth year. And given the wealth of talent it attracts every year, it seemed to be the perfect spot to hold an awards ceremony. That’s why they started the Webvisionary Awards.

Each year, in conjunction with the conference, WebVisions honors the most visionary, daring, and curious talent on the web by awarding them with a miniature robot. We wanted to make this award show different in every way, other than the winners receiving an award part. Every year, we have top talent for judges, a comedian for a host, a killer DJ to supply the beat, and presentation karaoke to kick it off. So, what are you waiting for?

With a wide variety of awards—14 separate categories—up for grabs, there’s something for everyone at the Webvisionary Awards. Yes, even you.

Sound good? Well stop your thinking and get to submitting. You’ve only got a few days left. Submission for the Webvisionary Awards close this Thursday, Tax Day, April 15. To find our more or to submit your favorites, scrape together the $50 entry fee and visit the Webvisionary Awards nomination form.

That’s a lot of potential hardware for your mantel

I can see some of you walking away Hurt Locker style at one or more of these events. So please be sure to submit your projects—or those projects for which you have a great appreciation.

And if you win… err I mean WHEN you win, I’ll be looking forward to writing that up.

(Image courtesy Angela N. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  2. Thanks for posting information on all these great awards. Last year 7 great Portland companies received local and national recognition for the SoMe Awards, not to mention it was a heck of a party. See you on May 6.

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