Ignite Portland?

Our neighbors to the North have a little get together called Ignite Seattle. It’s a blend of full-on geekery and mixing it up with otherwise ungeeky folk. And it seems to be working well.

Well, word around the campfire is that an Ignite Portland may very well be in the works.

Details are slim but promising, at this point. But, fear not gentle reader. Once I know, you’ll know.

  1. […] mentioned earlier (”Ignite Portland“), Josh Bancroft came back from Gnomedex with an urge to begin Ignite […]

  2. Raven, That’s great news! Thanks for the details.

  3. Hi Rick – we’re meeting about it this week and will make sure to fill everyone in as soon as we have details. Essentially, we’d be rolling in the DemoCamp Portland effort into Ignite Portland and moving ahead.

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