UrbanDrinks improves profile pages

Web applications are designed to solve problems. And when you live in a town like Portland—where there are reportedly more bars per capita than any other town in the nation—then finding a happy hour is a problem.

Well, there are a number of folks in town trying to solve that problem.

One of the teams taking on that challenge, UrbanDrinks, has recently announced an upgrade to its profile pages. And they promise more to come, including adding “social network” features you’ve come to expect.

UrbanDrinks.com is the work of a small group of friends who have made it their mission to provide you with the most up-to-date happy hour information.

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(Hat tip to PDX Pipeline)

  1. Hey, just wanted to give you an update on UrbanDrinks.. we’ve added some features to the individual profile pages, such as adding friends and adding photos.. here’s my page: http://urbandrinks.com/people/bryan


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  4. rumor is there is a site called http://www.goboz.com that will launch in September…they claim to be a CitySearch killer.

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