Northwest Innovation interviews YourList CEO

YourList, a recently launched classified service headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, is the latest offering to take on mainstream media classified ads. Oh, and a little Web site called craigslist.

Charlie Parks, CEO of YourList, recently sat down with Northwest Innovation for an interview, discussing YourList and its place in the crowded classified ad market:

[Charlie Parks:] No question that the online classifieds space is crowded right now. A lot of companies are trying to offer a different take on the established Web sites. There is a lot attention on the industry and new sites keep coming out with different business models as they compete for market share. We’ve spent the last couple of years studying the sector and believe there is a lot more room for growth –if you pay attention to the needs of the online consumer.

To read the full interview, visit Northwest Innovation.

  1. Wow, 24 whole posts on the Portland page of YourList. And the CEO gets interviewed with that kind of success?

    I guess anyone can start a web site these days. I hope no one was stupid enough to fund this company.

    Oh, and great job on being original. I mean you don’t have a single thing that resembles Craig’s List….not a one!

    Sarcasm, that’s called sarcasm.

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