Portland Small Business wants you

Local-startup tracker and small-business social network Portland Small Business is looking for a few good companies to review. The only qualifying factor? Portland Small Business hopes to make the pool of companies as diverse as possible:

I’m looking for 10-20 small businesses to review on this site. I want a representative sample of all the businesses in Portland. Everything from the soap carvers to SOAP developers.

Interested in having your company or product reviewed? Contact Kevin Spence at Portland Small Business.

PortlandSmallBusiness.com is a collaborative website, where members of the Portland small business community can go for peer advice and network. In addition to interacting in the forum, all members can post articles and place their business in the directory.

For more information, see Portland Small Business.

  1. @Kevin Happy to help! Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t even make that leap, but I can appreciate how that might happen.

  2. Thanks for the pub.

    I just wanted to clarify what I meant by review since there has been a little confusion. I intend more to highlight local small businesses and not to perform a case study. That is, I’m not going to be digging through the companies books doing a thorough analysis. Although that would be interesting, I don’t have the time for that. The plan is to have a 30 minute interview and post the results. Thanks.

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