Attensa Feed Server now free for five

There’s a been something gnawing at you. I can see it. And everyone else can see it, too.

You’ve been consumed with the curiosity about how Attensa Feed Server actually works, but you don’t want to pony up the cash to buy it.

Well, count your blessings, my friend, because today is your lucky day.

Portland-based Attensa, the company focused on helping organizations manage and make better use of RSS feeds, has released a trial version of Attensa Feed Server. It’s free. And it’s available for download, right now.

The trial version is fully functional for up to five (5) users, allowing unlimited feeds and unlimited groups. All you need is the hardware, and you’re off and running.

The Attensa Feed Server is a virtual appliance that provides enterprise customers with centralized administration, routing, security, search, synchronization, analytics and reporting for enterprise-wide RSS coordination. It brings together all of the tools IT administrators, team leaders and users need to manage and streamline the delivery of critical business information using web feeds behind the firewall.

Download your copy of Attensa Feed Server.

For more information, see the Attensa blog, read additional Attensa coverage on NW Innovation, or gain some insight from Brooks Jordan.

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  2. @Janet: Thanks for the insight. That’s good to hear.

    I have to admit, the Feed Server concept has always been a bit of a black box shrouded in buzzwords for me. I’m happy to see Attensa making a move to let people put the concept into action to get a better understanding of its value.

  3. Attensa has been an SEMPR client of mine for several months now. I’m working on engaging conversations online for them with the folks over at Anvil Media.

    And I have to say, their RSS platform is the glue that holds our search-engine-based PR activities together. I’m immediately alerted of coverage, mentions, comments, even del.icio.us or Technorati tags for all of my clients thanks to Attensa, which watches 18 search engines for me so I don’t have to actively monitor the world myself.

    Every PR agency should recognize the power of Attensa’s platform and take the opportunity to try it out. Thanks for your coverage – I found out about it through Attensa!

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