NetworthIQ sees users surge after Aussie ink

Portland-based NetworthIQ, the site that helps individuals track—and promote–their financial net worth, is reporting a surge in users after receiving favorable coverage in news.com.au.

Via the newswire that is Twitter, I’m hearing numbers north of 200, but shy of the one-day record of 391 set by the New York Times.

Inspired by the personal finance bloggers who feel liberated enough to share their net worth with the world, and other social sites (Flickr, 43things, del.icio.us, upcoming.org), NetworthIQ was conceived as a place where people can track, share and compare their financial status. The company describes it as a “social personal finance tool.”

  1. It’s pretty amazing to see these things pop up out of nowhere, I suppose that’s why I’m always checking blogs/twitter/stats/etc. You never know what’s going to happen next. I was especially heartened to see the quotes from community members about how NetworthIQ has helped them make better financial decisions and learn by seeing other people in similar situations. Thanks for the post!

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