InnoTech Oregon 2008: Too much good stuff

InnoTechI’ve been watching the InnoTech Oregon Conference grow into its own over the past five years. And while I was always close to attending (I think I may have even registered, last year), I never quite found the time to make it.

This year, I’m making time to attend.

I’ve always found InnoTech interesting because of its variety. Traditional business and cutting-edge technology. Green tech and CIOs. Non-profits and eMarketing. To me, it has the opportunity to be one of the few annual tech events that truly helps start and continue conversations among the different groups that work and live in Portland and the surrounding areas. Be those groups factions of the same business or complementary businesses working together.

In fact, there’s so much happening at the conference, I’m going to have to break it into multiple blog posts.

But I wanted to start with this. The folks at InnoTech have offered a 25% discount to all of you Silicon Florist readers. So, if you’re considering attending, please take advantage of it:

Discounted InnoTech Oregon Conference & Exhibits Pass includes Breakfast Presentation with Don Tapscott, Author, WIKINOMICS, at the reduced rate of $45.00 per person ($60.00 per person standard price.) Click to select INNOTECH GENERAL REGISTRATION and enter Discount Code SIL45D to confirm your place at the breakfast.

There is literally a busload of interesting speakers at this thing. But I wanted to highlight some of the Silicon Forest startup types, especially, like:

Look for more information from me as we get closer to the actual event. But if this post has piqued your curiosity, please take advantage of the “SIL45D” discount code at registration.

For more information, visit InnoTech Oregon.

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  2. Rick,

    Thanks for the post and kind words. It takes about 6 months and a whole community to put together an event of this magnitude that showcases the region’s technology growth and opportunity. I am biased, but it is worth 3-4 hours or more of one day to attend and check it out. Keep up the good work for the community. Silicon Florist rocks.

  3. Thanks for the mention & link! Looking forward to it myself. If you don’t mind, I’m going to drop a quick plug for the “Hot Seat” event @ InnoTech this year – http://www.innotechconference.com/pdx/Event/Portland_Events/Hot_Seat_Panel.php

    “panelists will critique actual sites and address specific questions and issues related to site search optimization, usability, functionality and more.”

    SEMpdx does these Hot Seat events fairly regularly, and site owners find them extremely valuable. Visit the link above to submit your site for a review… it’s a bargain.

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