Portland Octopus launches with new skin

Portland OctopusLooking for more news on what’s happening on the Portland scene? Who isn’t?

Luckily Portland Octopus—now with a brand new look and feel—is hoping to help.

No, not that Portland Octopus.

Unlike the more well-known octopus that tends to hang atop Greek restaurants, this Portland Octopus serves as a group blog focused on Portland cultural happenings:

We absolutely love Portland but have never quite been satisfied with the community networking websites available. We thought we could do a better job of providing this service ourselves. And so, Portland Octopus was born. Music, food, art, architecture, hiking, biking, sports, festivals, local beer, wine and spirits—we are here to celebrate all that Portland has to offer!

Originally launched in December 2007, Portland Octopus is a side project of Selliken Systems, LLC. (Yet another Portland-based mapping application I need to add to my next Portland map app round up.)

(Hat tip Nino Marchetti)

  1. To each his or her own. Personally, I think the Portland community is still woefully underserved by the traditional publications in town—on a variety of levels. That’s why I’m glad to see other folks trying to help solve the problem.

  2. Looks like another attempt at cluttering up the internet with sites that don’t really have any use.

    I like that there are no pop ups but if I’m from here there is not whole lot for me. I know most of the neighborhoods already, I can get most of the activities on WW’s site.

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