Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 07

Parent Hacks on Twitter

Asha Dornfest writes “I could go on and on, but the point is that I was also (finally) convinced (by Jason Glaspey of Unthirsty) that Twitter is a Good Thing.”

Scott Kveton interviews Luke Crouch from SourceForge about OpenID

Kevin Fox writes “Scott and Luke talk about why SourceForge went OpenID, their support of the Open Source community, identity (why IDP vs. RP) and what issues they ran up against while implementing OpenID. There are lots of technologies that are complimentary to OpenID, what is next for SourceForge?”

AppDrop / Google App Engine Video from PDX.rb

Chris Anderson writes “Here’s the video of my talk last night. There’s also an mp3 file of the AppDrop PDX.rb Talk if you’d prefer audio. I was unable to add slides to the video, but Amy did a great job capturing the slides on camera – slides are also available as a pdf so you can follow along at home if you’d like. Thanks to PDX.rb for giving me the opportunity to put this out there.”

  1. “@parenthacks on Twitter” is link-worthy? Well, thank you, Rick. I may be late to the game, but I sure am having fun. I feel like I know you better already…just by following you!

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