Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for July 08

OpenID: Relying party Stats as of July 1st 2008

From the JanRain blog “Although the number of sites accepting OpenID is still a small fraction of the web, the trend here is obvious.”

Legion of Talk: Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu & Space Travel

From the Legion of Tech blog “Mark founded and manages the Ubuntu Foundation, which aims to produce a high quality desktop and server operating system that is freely available all over the world.”

Substance Summit at Lucky Lab beer hall (Wednesday, July 9, 2008)

The first in a series of conversations with the Portland creative community to help each other understand how we can be more inclusive, collaborative and effective. We have been inspired by Portland’s creative technology community (Legion of Tech and Silicon Florist to name a few) to help facilitate an environment where we share ideas and create a place that draws the best talent and the best clients to Portland to get the best creative work possible.

Hazelnut Tech Talk | Episode 1

Amber Case writes “Hazelnut Tech Talk is a collaboration between Amber Case and Bram Pitoyo. Our first episode will discuss the concepts of Supermodernism, Non-Space and Cyborg Anthropology.”

Clicky offers 100 free premium accounts, 50% affiliate commissions

Via the Clicky blog “Sorry everyone, our original July Insanity post was just too complicated and confusing, so we’re making it much simpler. We want you to help us promote Clicky, and in exchange, we’re giving away 100 free 1 year premium accounts, and also 50% affiliate commissions for the entire month of July.”
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