OSCON 2008: Prepping for Portland, Oregon

Portland skyline at night

We here in Portland, Oregon, like to think of our town as the de facto hub of open source and open web technologies. I mean, Linus Torvalds lives around here, so does Ward Cunningham.

And, that’s not all. We’ve got the OpenID contingent with Vidoop and JanRain, too. What’s more, Portland is home to a bunch of cool open source shops and developers. Oh, and don’t forget, we used to host RailsConf, too.

But there’s one little get-together that causes our collective open source head to swell ever so slightly. And that event is just around the corner.

OSCON 2008, the premiere open source conference, will be again gracing Portland with its presence, beginning July 21. And with it, thousands of open source types will be descending upon town. No doubt, many of them will be wondering, “What the heck am I supposed to do when I’m not in sessions?”

Have no fear, open source aficionado! There are a few activities with which you can keep yourself entertained, a handful of establishments where you can slake your thirst, and a joint or two where you can get your fill of vittles.

As you’re planning your trip to Portland, here are some links that might help:

  • Hacking PDX: A geek’s guide to Portland International Airport
    “We have a great airport with plenty of features that just about any traveler could need. But, despite all its ease-of-use, there are always a few tips-and-tricks that make the experience that much better.”
  • Falling in love with Portland, again and again
    “This is the beginning of a fantastic renaissance period for Portland. It’s such a vibrant, eclectic, talented and diverse city with so many things going on, that it inspires the mind and spirit around every corner you turn.”
  • Amy Winkelman says “Hi Vidoop, Welcome to Portland!” (An extensive primer on the Rose City)
    “As a native Oregonian and fanatic Portlander, I love recommending things to new folks visiting the city.”
  • What to do in Portland while you’re at RailsConf (or OSCON)
    “If you’re attending RailsConf this year and are from out of town, you might be like me when you’re in another city: I don’t really find much outside of the touristy areas, or what’s immediately around where I’m staying. But you’re in luck! I live here in Portland, Oregon and I have a list of places to go and things to do that I think are quintessential Portland.”
  • Portland’s top 30 tech Twitter-ers
    “And that got me thinking. I began to wonder: Who is at the top of the Twitter heap when it comes to Portland startup and tech types? Who has the most ‘influence’? Who is the holder of the mythical ‘Twitter juice’?”

Still feel like you need some help? Drop a comment here, or feel free to ping me on Twitter. Or look for me at OSCON. I’d be happy to answer any Portland questions for you.

Whatever your question, rest assured that Portvangelists are standing by.

Photo courtesy Matt McGee used under Creative Commons.

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  4. Thanks, tlockney! Corrected.

  5. Unfortunately, RailsConf 2009 will be in Vegas. Sad, but true. Also, a slight correction: OSCON starts on July 21st.

  6. Of course, there’s also the Oregon Brewers Festival, no?

  7. Nice job, Rick! I’m certain you’ll have tons of fans by the time they hit PDX.

    Any OSCON folks who want to know where to go for yoga – head to Yoga Pearl on 9th and Davis. Great vegan fare – same address, Blossoming Lotus. Fabulous Oregon wines by the glass – Oregon Wines on Broadway.

    Great idea. I’ll blog it if I can think of more that you’ve not already captured-JLJ

  8. OMG! The Portvangelists are standing by!

    The Pronetos team was out from Boise for OSCON/Ubuntu Live! last year, and not only was it a great time, but a productive trip. OSCON is where we met Brian Jamison and the Open Sourcery crew, the guys we immediately hired to build our site. We made lots of great PDX contacts there, contacts we maintain today.

    AND Portland is a great town. Lots of fun – lots of breweries, and lots of easy, cheap public transportation.

    If you have not been, get thee to PDX and to OSCON. You will be glad you did.

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