Ignite Portland 4: Thanksgiving comes two weeks early

Ignite Portland 4Seems like it was just yesterday that we were still basking in the afterglow of the last Ignite Portland.

But, as well all know, that Ignite Portland blaze is a hard one to keep under control. So it comes as no surprise that, fast on the heels of the last event, the Legion of Tech has announced the date and location for Ignite Portland 4.

So mark your calendars, kids. It’s two weeks before Thanksgiving, November 13. And as with the past two, the Bagdad Theater will serve as the venue.

Other details? You know the drill.

First, RSVP for Ignite Portland 4 on Upcoming.

Second, start thinking up your presentation ideas. Like now.

And I’ll make sure to give you a heads up as to when it’s time to submit. Because I’m looking forward to seeing your proposal.

  1. @Tony Yes, the current plan has been to hold Ignite Portland on a quarterly basis. Ignite Portland 3 felt like it hit its stride. I’m hoping Ignite Portland 4 continues the trend.

  2. Ignite is really cool, but I’m sorta afraid that if they happen too often they won’t be a big deal anymore. Are they quarterly?

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