OSCON 2008: Sourceforge offers free Open Source tattoos

Open Source tattoosInterested in placing a penguin on your posterior? Or maybe the Debian swirl? Or the Ubuntu circle thingee? Or maybe—just maybe—putting your OpenID somewhere you’re sure to never, ever forget it?

Well, next week at OSCON here in Portland, you may be able to make that dream come true. Because it seems that the nice—or is that sadistic?—folks at Sourceforge are offering to ink you up with your favorite open source icon—for free.

That’s right. Ten lucky winners will get the opportunity to go under the needle to make their ass officially open source. Well, or their arm or leg or what have you:

We are looking for people that are willing to sign up for a tattoo and show it off at the CCA party later on in the week. Only requirements – participants have to be able to meet with Ross Turk, Sourceforge’s Community Manager, at the beginning of the week to get the gift certificate, they have to sign a couple waivers (one for the tattoo parlor and one for Sourceforge), the tattoo has to be open source themed or techy in nature, and they have to show up at the CCA party Thursday night.

I’m not sure exactly which tattoo studio is going to be doing the work, but given that it’s going to be one near the Jupiter Hotel, I’m going to assume that it’s Colorbomb Tattoo with the drawing honors.

Is your interest piqued? You willing to take the pain all for love of open source? Maybe you should contact Ross at Sourceforge and let him know: rturk at corp.sourceforge.com.

And please, oh please, if you’re crazy enough to do this—and (and!) you happen to get picked—do let me know.

What’s that? Tats not your pot of ink? That’s okay, kiddo. There are still plenty of cool things to do in Portland while you’re at OSCON.

Photo credit vonguard used under Creative Commons

  1. glider tattoo is how mine turned out, at least on the day after. This video was shot when the most people were actually under the needle and, although it makes me sound like a bit of a dufus, it is fun to see what I look like in the midst of an endorphin high.

  2. […] to begin immediately following the SourceForge Community Choice Awards (and open source tattoo unveiling extravaganza) at the Jupiter Hotel, Beerforge is designed to keep the festivities—and […]

  3. Rick: I just emailed Ross from SF and ‘put my skin in the game’, not sure if I will get picked, will keep you posted of course.

    Oh and I do know how to spell tattoo 🙂

  4. Awesome… I have been thinking about a Vidoop shield Tatoo… or a penguin would be obvious.

    Anywho after the SourceForge party come down the street to Bossanova for Beerforge III all the details are here: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/782117/

    Highlights include open bar (mixed drinks, beer, wine), lots of swag, excellent catering from Fords (read bacon wrapped dates) including some awesome vegan dishes, and shuttles from the Sourceforge party to ours 🙂

  5. This is extremely tempting. I usually go for piercings over tatoos…but…

  6. It will be interesting to see if some Portland or Silicon Forest folks take this opportunity and make the cut. And, of course, what they choose as their “open source or techy” design. And where they choose to put it.

    I’ll make sure to provide details on the results.

    And, seriously, please let me know if you’re putting your skin in the game. 😉

  7. Why not? I like the idea of tattooing your OpenId so you won’t forget it. To some people it is as important as a name. Maybe get your sweetheart’s OpenId tattooed on your chest.

    I have often thought I should tattoo the word SAVE upside down on the fingers of my left hand, as to remind me to save my work often when working on a project.

  8. Sounds awesome! I’ve got 6 tats and need one more to make it an acceptable number; 7 is my #. What a fab thing to do for us!

  9. what am awesome promotion!

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