80+ WordPress designs from Portland and the Silicon Forest

[HTML1]With WordCamp Portland fast approaching, I’ve had any number of folks approaching me with questions like “What’s WordPress?”, “Why should I use WordPress?”, “What can I do with WordPress?”, and “When will you shut up with the questions already? I mean, really?”

So rather than try to recount all my WordPress love in one egotistical post, I thought it might better for a little more “show” than “tell.”

So here—in a rough semblance of alphabetical order—are what some other folks in Portland and the Silicon Forest are doing with that magical open-source blogging platform, WordPress:

Akshay Dodeja
Almost Fit
Another Blogger
Back Fence PDX
Bearded Lightning
Beer and Blog
Buckman Elementary
CDC Studios
Chris Kalani
Cloud Four
Colour Lovers
Does Not Validate
Dyepot Teapot
Elliot Swan
eROI Days
Everything I Tell You Is Hearsay
Face of the Cookie
Fast Wonder
Fuzzy Slug
Garett Croft Stenson
Get Better At
Get Rich Slowly
Go Big Always
Grok Play
Hazelnut Tech Talk
Hockley Photography
Ignite Portland
Intel Software Blogs
Internet Astronauts
Jason Glaspey
Jason on Cars
John Anthony Hartman
Justin Kistner
Koesmanto Bong
Kyle Meyer
Legion of Tech
Lizzy Caston
Lorelle on WordPress
Lyza Danger
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Mashup Awards
Matt Davis Opens HIs Mouth
Matthew Gifford
Mechanical Integrator
More than a living
Mr. Diggles
My Curious Life
My Whim is Law
Namita Bhasin
Oregon Blogs
PAF Colaboratory
Pagents Progress
PDX Pipeline
Portland Metblogs
Portland is Awesome
Portland on Fire
Positively Glorious
Rabbi David Kominsky
Radio Isopod
Raven Zachary
Recovering Californian
Reid Beels
RGB Design Studio
Self-amusement park
Strands blog
Tasting and Complaining
Tiny Screenfuls
Today's best tools
Tyler Sticka
User First Web
Vidoop Blog
What could be
Wideshot Studios
WordCamp Portland
Yay! Monday!
Whew! That’s a lot of WordPress going on.

If I missed your site (or screwed up your URL), I apologize. Please link it up below so that everyone else see the cool things you’re doing with WordPress.

  1. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you|

  2. I guess I’ll add mine too, not much there now, but I have some big plans. I’ll be moving to 2.7 on release day.


  3. Sho-to-ka-ka-a-like:)

  4. Now that I’m back on WordPress, I guess I’ll add mine.


  5. I’m a super cool WordPress kid, too, and not above shameless self-promotion:


  6. […] Portland Tech superhero Rick Turoczy @ Silicon Florist has graciously compiled a list of Portland blogs using WordPress. […]

  7. Thanks to eROI for this design on WordPress for the Inverge conference site:


  8. Excellent creativity coming out of PDX!

  9. I’m amazed to see the long list. I knew of many, but definitely not all. Here’s a couple of mine:

  10. Comments were misbehaving. So I’m posting for Doug Coleman:

    I have a blog on WordPress also: http://dougcoleman.wordpress.com/

  11. i made the effin’ list! w00t!!!!1

    if there is a vote off for the the best top ten then i can promise this:

    1. longer lunch breaks
    2. free punch + pie

    cast your vote for mr. diggles dot com

  12. What, no love? πŸ™‚

  13. I was just thinking, how about narrowing down to the 10 best, in your opinion and we can have a little vote off!

  14. Mine is totally different from everyone else’s

    These skateboarding guys are using it too:

  15. Gah…I should have left the original header photo. It was prettier.

  16. Looking at this list makes me realize just how badly I need a new theme. Mine is literally like 3 years old and it shows. *sigh*

  17. Yay WP! Interesting to see the variation in the list. http://waytoocrowded.com/

  18. I’m excited to see a couple of my blogs on the list despite forgetting to send them to you today. Oops. Thanks for taking care of me πŸ™‚

  19. Wow, that’s quite a list. ‘Course, it’s missing my WordPress/K2-based blog, but that’s an easy fix.



  20. Wow, great list. And I really like the “show” angle. Nice work.

    I will also shamelessly plug my WordPress blog:


  21. Well shoot, that’s what you wanted PDX WordPress blogs for? In that case, here is a much neglected Portland WordPress blog that I manage:


    Didn’t post earlier cause I was embarrassed πŸ˜‰

  22. Don’t forget about…

    theemailwars.com & returnonsubscriber.com & crosspixelnation.com

    Great list!

  23. Wow. This could be the most incredible thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

    Thanks for your hard work in putting this together. It’s the best aggregate of Portland tech blogs I’ve ever seen. If I had more adjectives I’d find a better way of thanking you for this, but I’m rather tongue tied in appreciation at the moment.

  24. Holy moly! Thanks, @turoczy! I DM’d you on Twitter, but maybe it didn’t go thru (had that happen before). My WordPress-based blog: http://www.technoearthmama.com

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