Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 31

Open Source Bridge: Our First Presentation

Via the Open Source Bridge blog “The Open Source Bridge team gave their first presentation to a large group at CubeSpace on October 30, 2008. Enthusiasm far exceeded my expectations, and I came away feeling confident that we’re going to make Open Source Bridge a reality together.”

Thrive – PDX at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub (Tuesday November 11, 2008) – Upcoming

We want to open dialogue between all members of the tech community – corporate & indie, young & old, geek & nerd – to help figure out how we build a community that will survive & thrive during this economic downturn.

Standalone Applications with CouchDB – Daytime Running Lights

Chris Anderson writes “Over the last few days I’ve polished up my notion that CouchDB can be a perfectly viable application host, all on its own, without any 3rd tier between database and client. That is, CouchDB is capable of serving standalone applications. These standalone CouchDB applications can be deployed to any working CouchDB node and used from any browser.”

Get Naked

Via Needmore Designs “We just wrapped up production on our submission for Do Something for a Cause, a calendar fundraiser featuring Portland media/tech folks baring their flesh to bring community awareness and raise funds for local charities and educational groups. This year’s recipients include p:ear and girls inc, among others. I know they are still looking for a couple more participants and sponsors, so please do let them know if you’d be interested in helping out!”

Keeping a Large Scale Open Source Conference in Portland

Amber Case writes “We have everything in Portland. We have Linus, we have biking, we have Open Source, and we have an amazing Portland Tech community. Up until recently, we also had O’Reilly’s OSCON.”
  1. Thank you very much Rick for bringing attention to our cause, that was really nice of you 🙂

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