Thank you

I try to say it as often as I can, but I still don’t think that I say it often enough.

So, thank you.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for being part of the community. Thank you for being in the Silicon Forest—or interested in the Silicon Forest.

Today is a day for many of the readers to give thanks. And I’m reminded, yet again, how thankful I am for you.

Thank you. And the happiest of holidays to you and yours.

  1. Thanks to you too, Rick!

  2. Silicon Florist was (and still is) one significant reason why we have a thriving technology community here in Portland! It ties the interaction we all had in real life online, and covers what happens in between the events. Thanks, Rick! You probably inspired way more people than you’d think to contribute to the community.

  3. No no no…. thank you.

    Seriously, thanks for all that you do for the community both on this website and through your sponsorships and support of the various activities around the area.

  4. Thanks so much for continuing to be the great blog that I first put in my feed reader when I first got into the web. Silicon Florist was the first blog I ever subscribed to. It is still on the top of the RSS feed list as the first blog I check for local news — and the first to get to that information.

  5. I’ve been in the Portland area for almost a year now and I have benefited tremendously from the Silicon Florist. I’ve met new people, connected with the local tech community, and I even found my first client in Portland because of this site. Thanks Rick!

    Happy holidays.

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