TwitterLocal: It’s back… and now it’s all AIR all the time

Remember TwitterLocal ne TwitterWhere? That great site that allowed you to access a stream of tweets based on where people lived? And that provided a list of the 30 most Twitter-savvy cities?

Well, when Twitter changed their API rules to survive the summer of FAIL whale, it crippled the service. And, as such, we’ve been scrapping and scraping to find resources that allow us to find local folks.

TwitterLocal is back—as an Adobe AIR application. Feel free to download the brand spanking new version and get to searching.


Never let anyone say that Matt King won’t find a better way.

Since Twitter cut off their Jabber feed from TwitterLocal, we had to rely purely on the XML API, which meant that only about 20% of Tweets from the public timeline got into TwitterLocal. Now that Twitter has a location-based search API, we don’t have to cache the posts anymore. So now, TwitterLocal is going to be purely an Adobe AIR based application that allows you to filter Tweets by location.

With the new Air app, TwitterLocal supports regional searches with various radii. And it supports multiple tabs—so that you can watch a number of different regions at the same time.

TwitterLocal Tabs

Plus, the beauty of AIR is that it’s crossplatform, right out of the box.

So nice to have this tool back. Now, if we could only get Matt back from his Great Britain junket—our own local version of “Where the Hell is Matt?

  1. I just uninstalled TwitterLocal and re-installed with the lastest download today and I couldn’t get the first one to run and this one won’t run either.,,I just get the window that asks to enter location & radius but when I put location & radius in and hit add it just sits there. I have the latest version of AIR and am running Win 7 64 bit.

    Where am I going wrong here?

    p.s. the contact us button on your download site does not work.

  2. argh. won’t run on my machine, though my adobe air install is up-to-date and other air apps (tweetedeck) work just fine. when i run twitterlocal i just get s recangluar window with a brown background.

  3. Awesome – @AndreaArbuckle, that’s me!

  4. looks a lot cooler than twellow

  5. Woohoo! Thanks for the heads up on this.

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