Cooking Up A Story partners with SARE

Cooking up a StoryAs much as I love the startup tech community here in town, I love it even more when I see the community doing things for the greater good. One of those Silicon Forest startups that manages to accomplish this on a regular basis is Portland-based Cooking Up A Story.

What’s the latest? A partnership with the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education organization (SARE):

For those who may not be familiar with SARE, it provides critical funding grants to farmers, researchers, and agricultural educators to promote farming systems that are ecologically sound, and benefit all parties involved, including (of course) the farmers, eaters, and the local communities. Over the course of their 21 year history, they have come to the aid of countless farmers, and have provided the kind of assistance that has helped farmers to survive, sometimes by providing the means and the knowledge to branch into new production and marketing avenues for generating additional income and long-term growth.

The new partnership will help Cooking Up A Story expand their video offering with more stories, more how-to videos, and more profiles of farmers whose practices have benefited from SARE grants and SARE research. What’s more, it will enable Cooking Up A Story to expand their reach to other regions.

For more, see the Cooking Up A Story post on the SARE partnership.


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