BrowserMob’s cloud-based load testing hammers your site without hammering your wallet

When it comes to building Web apps and sites, making sure that those sites respond to a wide variety of browsers and can effectively support a heavy loads of concurrent users can be the difference between succeed and sucking.

But finding the resources to perform—or purchase—that load testing and performance testing has, to date, been an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. And that has left many startups in a Catch-22 situation.

Until now.

Portland-based BrowserMob has devised a way to make this sort of rigorous QA more accessible to more people by moving it all to the cloud. That means that startups can get the type of testing they need—and larger companies get a cost-effective means of running more tests, more often.

How’s it work? I’m glad you asked.


QA? Not exactly the kind of startup stuff that winds up in a too-busy-chasing-shiny-social-media-objects Silicon Florist post. Is there really a market for this kind of load testing tool? And how.

BrowserMob is already profitable with more than 40 customers, including namebrand companies like Evite.

What’s more, based on that success, BrowserMob is now chasing funding to make sure they can keep up with demand while continuing to improve the service.

Besides that, it’s just a pretty damn cool use of the cloud.

That’s great news for BrowserMob—and it’s good news for the Portland startup scene as well. Here’s hoping they keep landing those customers and find some investors who realize the potential of what BrowserMob has built.

For more information, visit BrowserMob.


  1. It’s pretty impressive just from the driver-side … 2000 users for $200US. I hate to speculate what that would cost with WinRunner. 🙂

  2. Ed,
    No, not currently. Our plan is to work with other open source and commercial vendors who focus on the server-side metrics and then come up with an integration that presents the two perspectives side-by-side.


  3. Wow!! That’s cool!! Do you have any server-side profiling tools to go with that?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this, Rick!

    If anyone is interested in BrowserMob, cloud computing, or anything browser-related, please give me a shout. We’re looking to build out the founding team and are eager to find smart, motivated folks in the Portland area. You can reach me at patrick@browsermob.com.

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